This is a submission for Ludum Dare 37. All code and assets were created for LD37.

Programming - Ryan King

Art - Conrad Fay


Be the first to match the pieces of furniture shown for your color! Furniture will lock together when it is matched (the visual feedback of furniture locking does not always work). If furniture isn't locking just give it a nudge.

Xbox Controls:

Left joystick to move, A to push

Keyboard controls:

Player 1 - WASD to move, space bar to push

Player 2 - Arrow keys to move, ctrl key to push

Restart with R (keyboard) or B (Xbox), especially if you encounter a bug.

Install instructions

I can't guarantee the mac or linux builds work, as I can't try them myself.


Download 39 MB
Download 40 MB
Download 40 MB

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